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Kicking Up The Dirt - Clayperview Easter Triple Challenge Night 1
Joanne White posted Saturday April 15, 2017.

A massive field of forty cars turned up to Hi-Tec Oils Toowoomba Speedway last night for the first night of competition in the 2017 Clayperview.com Easter Triple Challenge Easter Trail and USC Queensland Grand Final. It was a magnificent day for Sprintcar racing and there is no better way to start the Easter weekend. Robbie Farr and Lachlan McHugh were stand-out performers all night and it was little surprise that the main event came down to battle between youth and experience. The pair shared the front row for the start of the main event until Farr was relegated to the second row, officials deeming him to have jumped the first start. Never one to let a small set back stand in the way of success Farr made his way into the lead almost as soon as the lights went green and led comfortably for the first twenty laps before McHugh began challenging for the lead. McHugh took control with about eighteen laps left to run and soon opened a small but reasonably comfortable margin over Farr and the rest of the field. Lachlan McHugh went on to take the win with Robbie Farr home in second and Danny Reidy rounding out the podium after a very impressive drive in the Q19 racer. Bryan Mann and Peter Lack rounded out the top five, while Darren Jensen, who transferred out of the B-Main event, had a truly sensational drive to finish an impressive sixth.

Luke Oldfield had a night he would probably rather forget, starting with mechanical dramas as early as engine starts. The Q17 racer refused to fire, with Oldfield and his team rushing back to the pits to investigate the problem. After bleeding the fuel line Oldfield returned to the track in time for the first group of qualifying. With Oldfield still in the pits and Mick Saller reportedly out of fuel, thirty-eight Sprintcars lined up for an absolutely spectacular four-wide salute to welcome race fans to the high banks of Hi-Tec Oils Toowoomba Speedway. It truly was a sight to behold and perfectly set the stage for the massive night of Sprintcar racing ahead.

Qualifying got underway with Robbie Farr quickly setting the benchmark at 11.076 seconds in the first group. His time proved too quick for the rest of the field, but Cody Maroske certainly impressed more than a few people when, late in the qualifying order, he managed to stop the clock at 11.080 and locked in the second fastest time of the qualifying round. Lachlan McHugh, Luke Oldfield and Bryan Mann rounded out the top five while the top thirty-four cars were separated by less than one second. Jayden Peacock beat Andrew Scheuerle by four thousandths of a second, Callum Walker beat Mark Attard by just two thousandths of a second, while Attard beat Matt Dumesny by three thousandths of a second. Just one thousandth of second separated Darren Jensen and Brock Dean, while Mick Sauer and Dave Whell, who shared a podium at the venue not that long ago, were separated by only 0.005 seconds. Kristy Bonsey managed to set a new personal best time around the venue, an impressive effort and a solid start to the night for the budget racer.

Heat one started with Brendan Scorgie from pole position with Darren Jensen alongside. Jensen got a brilliant start when the lights went green, quickly securing the race lead but the race was promptly brought under caution when Mick Saller spun in turn one and was collected by Andrew Corbet. Both cars restarted the event with Scorgie and Jensen leading the field to the green once more. Jensen again took control of the race, while Matt Dumesny raced around Scorgie to settle into second and began challenging Jensen for the lead. Jensen was strong out in front and managed to maintain the advantage, opening a small margin over his rivals, while further back in the field Robbie Farr was making impressive progress towards the front of the field. In just four laps Farr had made his way into third, after starting eighth, while at the front of the field Jensen and Dumesny approached lapped traffic. Jensen raced around the back markers just moments before Aaron Wright clouted the wall in turn three. With less than a lap left to run the left side-board on the Q75 racer of Jensen ripped off the car disrupting the aerodynamics of the racecar, with Jensen doing a truly sensational job to keep the car off the fence. Darren Jensen somehow managed to hang on to take the win ahead Matt Dumesny, Robbie Farr, Brendan Scorgie, Mark Attard, Mick Saller, Andrew Corbet, Dan Murray and Aaron Wright. Daniel Sayre was disqualified from the event despite being the fourth car across the line.

Neil Howard and Brock Dean shared the front row for the start of heat two, with Brodie Tulloch and Dylan Menz right behind. Dean got a great start when the green flag flew and quickly secured the race lead, while Tulloch quickly slipped underneath Howard before challenging Dean for the lead. Tulloch managed to take control of the race, only for Karl Hoffmans to collect the turn three wall and bring the race to a stop. Hoffmans tipped the Q3 car over before landing back on his wheels and while Karl was not injured in the incident, he was unable to restart the event. A full restart followed with Dean again getting the initial jump and securing the race lead ahead of Tulloch in second. Dylan Menz was working the high side but the race was soon brought back under caution when Neil Howard spun in turn one, leaving Mark Pholi and Callum Walker with nowhere to go. Walker suffered a flat right rear tyre in the incident and was unable to restart the event. With the field yet to complete a lap a full restart followed, with Tulloch now from pole position alongside Dean, and Andrew Scheuerle now up to position three. Tulloch led when the race resumed, but Scheuerle was too good on the bottom and managed to race underneath Dean to steal second before turning his attention to Tulloch. Scheuerle was all over the back of Tulloch, the pair putting on a scintillating show before Scheuerle slid almost effortlessly underneath Tulloch to take control of the race. Dylan Menz and Cody Maroske were both running the top side, searching for a way forward, while Mark Pholi collided with the inside wall, the front end torn from the immaculately presented Q14 racer and brought the race back under caution. Scheuerle led the restart from Tulloch and Dean with six laps left to run, and while Scheuerle began to clear out, an intense battle was unfolding mid-field as Dylan Menz and Cody Maroske tried to find a way past Brock Dean captivating the crowd. Maroske tried to race around the outside of Menz but got caught behind Dean, with Menz soon racing by underneath Dean. Maroske was coming on strong, but it was Andrew Scheuerle who took the win ahead of Brodie Tulloch, Dylan Menz, Cody Maroske, Mitch Gowland, Brock Dean and Neil Howard. Mark Pholi, Callum Walker and Karl Hoffmans all failed to finish the event.

Heat three was supposed to see Brett Minett start from pole position but unfortunately Minett did not make it trackside for the event. This elevated Brad Ayers to pole position alongside Braydan Willmington. Ayers got a great start and initially held the lead, with Willmington challenging hard on the high side, Danny Reidy had an incredible run on the bottom and quickly raced underneath the pair to steal the lead. Willmington tried to challenge for control but there was no stopping Reidy out in front. Mid-field there was a captivating battle unfolding between Jayden Peacock, Peter Lack and Lachlan McHugh, the trio mesmerising the crowd as they fought over track position and closed in on the back of Brad Ayers. Lack raced beautifully underneath Peacock and started looking for a way past on the inside of Ayers, only for Peacock to race back around the top side and regain his position ahead of Lack. An oil fire onboard the NQ11 racer of Ayers saw him begin to pull out of the race, smoke billowing out behind him and making visibility more difficult for Peacock and Lack. Peacock, in his efforts to get around the outside of Ayers, caught the tail tank of Ayers and headed towards the fence, leaving Lack nowhere to go. Lack collided with Peacock and the wall, loosing the front end in the Q5 racer in the process, while Peacock ended up inverting the Q77 racer. Ayers, Lack and Peacock were all unscathed in the incident but none were able to restart the event. For Ayers, it was also the end of his night of competition, the team with a big task ahead of them if they are to continue the Easter Trail in Brisbane tonight. Danny Reidy led the restart with five laps left to run and Willmington on his tail, with Lachlan McHugh now up to third. McHugh quickly made his way under Willmington when the lights went green and set his sights on Reidy and while McHugh worked tirelessly to close the gap, Reidy and his team had the car set up beautifully and Danny Reidy put in a solid drive to get the win a little over a second ahead of McHugh. Lachlan McHugh crossed the line in second and led Braydan Willmington, Mick Sauer and Tim Ford across the line. Brad Ayers, Jayden Peacock, Peter Lack and Luca Cox all failed to finish the event. Unfortunately for Cox consistent mechanical dramas saw not only the end of his night of competition, but the team has decided that they will not continue with the 2017 Clayperview.com Easter Triple Challenge and have now ended their season.

Kristy Bonsey and Kevin Titman lined up alongside each other on the front row for the start of heat four, with Titman getting the jump and settling into the race lead. Dave Whell raced around the outside of Bonsey but Garry Jacobson had a spin in turn four before a lap was completed and brought the race under caution. Luke Oldfield tried to squeeze past the top side of the spinning car of Jacobson but just managed to clip the Q76 racer on his way past, ripping the front end out of the Q17 car and forcing Oldfield out of the race. A full restart followed with Bonsey this time securing the lead, only for Titman to fight back on the top side and steal the lead as officials brought the race under caution. Bonsey was relegated to the second row for the restart, officials deeming she jumped too soon on the previous start, leaving Scott Genrich from pole position alongside Titman. Genrich got the lead when the green flag flew, but Titman was brilliant on the top side and quickly raced around Genrich to steal control of the race while Brent Kratzmann spectacularly took to the high line as he raced sensationally around both Bryan Mann and Kristy Bonsey. Dave Whell made his way past Genrich and sets his sights on Titman, leaving Genrich to try and defend his position from Kratzmann and Mann. Kratzmann slid beautifully underneath Genrich, with Genrich trying to fight back only to loose another position as Mann came racing through on bottom. Kevin Titman was well and truly in control of the race with Whell in second, but Kratzmann and Mann were closing in fast, and putting on a captivating show as they edged ever closer to Whell. Mann made his way past Kratzmann in the closing stages of the race but it was Kevin Titman who was first to greet the chequered flag, leading Dave Whell, Bryan Mann, Brent Kratzmann, Garry Jacobson, Scott Genrich, Kristy Bonsey, Kevin Hill and Brendon Claridge across the line. Luke Oldfield did not finish the event.

Heat five started with Daniel Sayre and Callum Walker from the front row, with Braydan Willmington and Darren Jensen from row two. Sayre secured the led when the race got underway, with Walker in second until Jensen raced through on the low line in turn one. Officials pulled the race up, unhappy with the start, with Sayre sent to the second row for the restart, leaving Willmington from pole position. The front row raced side-by-side into the opening corner, while Luke Oldfield, desperate to make up lost ground, got into the back on Jensen on the high line and almost ended up in the wall. Callum Walker had the lead and was doing an incredible job out in front while Willmington tried to defend his position from a very hard charging Robbie Farr. Farr made short work of manoeuvring his way into second and turned his attention to Walker, working the bottom as he closed in on the leader. In just a couple of laps Farr not only caught Walker, but slid underneath the Q33 racer to take control of the race with just two laps left to run, and while Walker tried to fight back, Farr was simply too strong. Robbie Farr took the win with Callum Walker home in second and leading Daniel Sayre, Braydan Willmington, Luke Oldfield, Darren Jensen, Dylan Menz and Dan Murray Across the line. Karl Hoffmans pulled out of the event after just four laps.

Andrew Corbet and Brock Dean shared the front row for the start of heat six, the pair racing wheel-to-wheel through the opening corner but it was Dean who managed to secure the advantage. Corbet soon found himself under pressure from Brodie Tulloch, with Tulloch quickly sliding exquisitely underneath Corbet to steal second while Lachlan McHugh made impressive progress through the field. McHugh soon challenged Tulloch for second and just three laps into the race McHugh raced by on the inside of Tulloch and into second before setting out after Dean and the race lead. It took just two laps for McHugh to catch Dean and slide underneath the Q8 racer, his right rear tyre making slight contact with the left front of Dean on his way past. From there though McHugh was unstoppable , while further back in the field Mick Saller and Scott Genrich had their own battle that kept the crowd entertained. Lachlan McHugh went on to take the win ahead of Brock Dean and Brodie Tulloch with Garry Jacobson having a very solid run to finish fourth. Mark Attard, Mick Saller, Andrew Corbet, Scott Genrich and Mitch Gowland rounded out the finishers of the ten lap journey.

Heat seven started with Tim Ford and Brendan Scorgie from the front row, with heavy-hitters Peter Lack and Mark Pholi from the second row. Scorgie secured the lead when the lights went green but all eyes were on Brent Kratzmann as he took to the high line from position six and made his way into third on the opening lap. Lack was sensational from position three, quickly making his way into second on the first lap, before working the high side as he searched for a way past Scorgie. Lack took control of the race just two laps in, but the battle behind as Kratzmann and Danny Reidy argued over third and fourth is what captivated the crowd. Reidy was magnificent as he took the low line and raced under both Kratzmann and Scorgie to steal second before turning his attention to Lack and working on closing the gap to the leader. Kratzmann chased down Scorgie as Cody Maroske started closing in on Kratzmann, with Kratzmann searching the high side for a way past Scorgie before switching to the bottom to get the job done. Scorgie fought back on the top side to momentarily regain his position but Kratzmann soon secured the advantage as he raced around the high side. Peter Lack took the win with Danny Reidy across the line in second ahead of Brent Kratzmann and Cody Maroske. Brendan Scorgie was forced to settle for fifth and led Dave Whell, Mark Pholi, Kevin Hill, Aaron Wright and Tim Ford across the line.

Neil Howard and Kristy Bonsey shared the front row for the start of the eighth heat, with officials deeming Bonsey to have jumped the start once more. Mick Sauer was promoted to the front row alongside Howard for the restart, with Howard briefly securing the lead when the race resumed. Sauer quickly took control of the race while Jayden Peacock took to the high line and spectacularly began working his way forward and into second after starting from position six. Sauer and Peacock argued over the lead, while deeper in the field Kevin Titman and Andrew Scheuerle raced side-by-side as they each tried to make their way to the front. Titman moved up track and Scheuerle was quick to race through on the bottom, sliding beautifully under the Q59 racer, and while Titman tried to fight back he could not quite get the job done. At the front of the field Sauer managed to pull slightly ahead of Peacock and while Peacock was a comfortable second, Scheuerle was closing in fast. Scheuerle challenged Peacock for second, the pair almost coming to disaster two laps from home, but it was Mick Sauer who went on to take the win. Jayden Peacock crossed the line in second ahead of Andrew Scheuerle, Kevin Titman, Bryan Mann, Matt Dumesny, Neil Howard, Kristy Bonsey and Brendon Claridge.

Five cars lined up for the C-Main event, held over six laps, with only the top two finishers to transfer to the back of the B-Main field. Mitch Gowland started from pole position and quickly took control of the race when the lights went green. Gowland was not challenged for the lead, but the battle for second was intense. Karl Hoffmans raced through on the inside of Kevin Hill to steal second and while Hill tried to race back through on the inside, Hoffmans shut the door. Hoffmans and Hill continued to fight over second and third, with Hill absolutely relentless on the back of Hoffmans, while at the rear of the field Brendon Claridge and Aaron Wright had their own battle for the minor places. Mitch Gowland was untroubled as he secured the win, with Karl Hoffmans home in second and joining Gowland on the back row of the B-Main grid. Kevin Hill finished third and led Aaron Wright and Brendon Claridge past the chequered flag.

The Bronze shootout hit the track with qualifiers five, six, seven and eight taking to the track for three qualifying laps. Danny Reidy was quickest of the quartet stopping the clock at a quick 11.707 seconds and securing his transfer to the silver shootout. Bryan Mann was second quickest, his 11.817 second lap enough to see him transfer to the silver shootout while Jayden Peacock and Brent Kratzmann rounded out the finishers of the Bronze Shootout.

Cody Maroske and Andrew Scheuerle joined Danny Reidy and Bryan Mann on track for the Silver Shootout. This time it was Andrew Scheuerle who recorded the fastest lap, an 11.756 second circulation, with Bryan Mann again going second quickest. Both Scheuerle and Mann transferred the Gold Shootout, with Danny Reidy and Cody Maroske rounding out the finishers in the Silver Shootout event.

The Gold Shootout was an exciting affair, with several drivers holding the fastest lap time over the course of the event. Robbie Farr and Lachlan McHugh joined Andrew Scheuerle and Bryan Mann on track and in the end it was Farr who managed to snare the quickest time (11.615) and pole position for the A-main event. Lachlan McHugh went second quickest with an 11.707 second only narrowly beating Andrew Scheuerle and his time of 11.717 seconds. McHugh would start the A-Main from position two, with Andrew Scheuerle and Bryan Mann finishing third and fourth respectively in the Gold Shootout and set to share the second row for the start of the feature.

The B-Main hit the track for a fifteen-lap battle, with the top four finishers to transfer the back of the A-Main field. Mark Attard and Dave Whell shared the front row for the start with Kevin Titman and Darren Jensen from the second row. Titman got a less than ideal start while Attard secured the lead and Jensen made his way into second, working the top side as he kept within striking distance of Attard. Kristy Bonsey, Braydan Willmington and Neil Howard had a brilliant battle unfolding deep in the field, but Howard brought the race to stop when he rode the right rear of Bonsey and crashed hard entering turn four. Fortunately Howard walked away from the wreck but was unable to restart the race. Attard led the restart from Jensen and Whell, with Dylan Menz holding down the final transfer position but with Titman, Callum Walker, Mark Pholi and Brock Dean right on his tail. Jensen immediately took the high line when the lights went green, challenging Attard for the race lead, while Titman took to the top side to move into fourth, only for Menz to have a truly brilliant run on the bottom to race back under Titman. At the front of the field Jensen was absolutely relentless on the tail of Attard, eventually managing to steal the lead a couple of laps into the restart, with Braydan Willmington promptly bringing the race to a stop when he inverted the ACT89 racer moments after exiting turn four. Willmington was unscathed in the crash but unable to continue the race. Still with twelve laps left to run Jensen led the restart from Attard and Whell, with Titman holding down fourth in advance of Menz and Walker. Titman quickly made his way past Whell while Walker raced underneath Menz, only for Menz to spin the Q46 racer to a stop and bring the race under caution once more. Jensen led the restart with ten laps to run, with Attard this time challenging Jensen for the lead, having a massive run underneath the Q75 racer, only for Jensen to fire straight back on the top side to maintain control. Walker was having a brilliant run and raced underneath Whell, leaving Whell to try and defend his position from Daniel Sayre as Brock Dean started making his way closer to the front of the field. Walker held down third, with Sayre all over the back of the Q33 racer, with Sayre challenging for third. Another yellow light stoppage about five laps from home brought the race to another stop, with Jensen leading the restart from Titman, Walker and Sayre, with Dean and Pholi in with a chance of a transfer. Sayre took the high side of Walker to advance one more position closer to the front, while Menz was making great progress after going to the rear of the field after his earlier spin and was now up to fifth with only a handful of laps left to run. The battle between Walker and Sayre was exceptional and captivated the crowd, the pair racing two abreast with Walker on the bottom as they raced closer to the chequered flag. Darren Jensen secured the win ahead of Kevin Titman and Daniel Sayre, with Walker across the line fourth to secure the final transfer to the back of the A-Main. Dylan Menz finished a very impressive fifth and led Brock Dean, Mark Pholi, Kristy Bonsey, Mitch Gowland, Andrew Corbet, Scott Genrich, Karl Hoffmans and Tim Ford across the line. Mark Attard, Dave Whell, Braydan Willmington and Neil Howard all failed to finish the event.

Robbie Farr and Lachlan McHugh started alongside each other for the start of the forty-lap A-Main event. Farr led easily when the lights went green, but when Danny Reidy got sideways in turn one, Luke Oldfield, Mick Saller and Matt Dumesny all had nowhere to go. Reidy managed to drive away from the incident and while Oldfield, Saller and Dumesny were all able to restart from the rear, Oldfield had a damaged nerf bar that was sitting alarmingly close to his left rear tyre. Officials were going to bring the race under caution before the stoppage, deeming Farr to have jumped the start, with Farr relegated to the second row for the restart and handing pole position to Andrew Scheuerle. A full restart followed and while Scheuerle initially managed to secure the lead in advance of McHugh, Farr was brilliant and determined and stole the lead just half a lap into the race. Peter lack was coming on strong and having an epic battle with Bryan Mann, while Jayden Peacock and Garry Jacobson argued mid field. Lack made his way into fifth and began chasing down Danny Reidy, while Luke Oldfield continued his run of bad luck and he pulled out of the event with flat left rear tyre with just five laps complete. Cody Maroske was having another very impressive run in the Q22 racer, taking to the high line as he tried to racer around the Q16 of Bryan Mann, but Brodie Tulloch spun to a stop low on the track and brought the race under caution.

Robbie Farr led the restart with thirty-three laps left to run and Andrew Scheuerle and Lachlan McHugh still in hot pursuit. Farr tried to pull ahead and open a margin over his rivals but Scheuerle stayed with him, while Daniel Sayre and Darren Jensen argued over track position mid field. Sayre and Jensen soon raced underneath Brent Kratzmann, only for Kratzmann to fight back valiantly on the high side of Sayre, while at the front of the field Farr approached lapped traffic with twenty-nine laps still to run. Lapped traffic gave Scheuerle the chance to edge even closer to Farr and the race lead, but just as Scheuerle tried to challenge Farr for control of the race the lapped traffic hampered his progress. Lachlan McHugh capitalised when he saw a small opening and slipped straight past Scheuerle before setting his sights on Farr. McHugh closed in on the tail of Farr and with incredible car speed began challenging Farr for the lead with twenty-three laps on the board. Farr ran the top, McHugh was on the bottom, and it was a scintillating affair that captivated the entire crowd. Mick Saller and Daniel Sayre came together, while Brent Kratzmann pulled put of the event with a flat tyre, but all eyes were on McHugh and Farr at the front of the field. McHugh stole the lead from Farr but Farr was quick to return serve and regain control with eighteen laps left to run. McHugh slid back underneath Farr in turn four with Farr again surging back past McHugh just a quarter of a lap later. McHugh raced around the outside of Farr to steal the lead and finally secure control of the race, but the race was soon brought to a stop so the paramedics could render assistance to a race fan who needed urgent medical attention. There was a significant delay, with officials declaring it an open red stoppage and allowing the crews onto the track. Andrew Scheuerle had a rapidly reflating right rear tyre, which his crew tried to patch, while Peter Lack and his crew replaced the radiator in the Q5 racer after a rock put a hole in the original. Lachlan McHugh and Darren Jensen were both pretty happy with how their cars were handling, with neither driver wanting to change their cars too much.

When the race eventually resumed there were seventeen laps left to run and it was Lachlan McHugh who led the field to the green. McHugh got a brilliant start and immediately opened a small lead over Robbie Farr and Andrew Scheuerle while Jayden Peacock took to the high side as he searched for a way around Kevin Titman. Cody Maroske and Darren Jensen raced side-by-side and while the pair were consumed in their own epic battle, Matt Dumesny came from behind and slide spectacularly underneath both Jensen and Maroske. Jensen immediately fired back, racing straight underneath Maroske and Dumesny while closer to the front Scheuerle began to struggle with that deflating right rear tyre. Scheuerle came under increasing pressure from Danny Reidy, with Peter Lack also making his way ahead of Scheuerle before Scheuerle sadly slowed to a stop, the right rear tyre on the Q25 racer giving way with twelve laps to run.

Lachlan McHugh led the restart from Robbie Farr and Danny Reidy, with Peter Lack, Bryan Mann and Darren Jensen close behind. McHugh got another brilliant start but Farr went with him this time and started challenging for the lead once more. Cody Maroske and Jayden Peacock thrilled the crowd with their mid field battle, while it was had to ignore the battle between Lack, Mann and Jensen. Jensen raced up the inside of Mann, while Mann was all over the back of Lack searching for a way through. Mann and Lack raced two abreast in a remarkable display of exciting, clean and incredibly entertaining racing, while at the front of the field McHugh had managed to open a margin of several car lengths over Farr. Cody Maroske was all over the back of Kevin Titman, while Lack managed to move ahead of Mann and challenge Danny Reidy for third. Mann slid beautifully underneath Lack to steal fourth, while Garry Jacobson looped the Q76 racer in turn four, just as the leaders were coming through for the final time. McHugh managed to avoid disaster and went on to take a hard fought, well-deserved and popular win, with Robbie Farr crossing the line in second, but securing the overall win in the Queensland Ultimate Sprintcar Championship. Danny Reidy crossed the line in third with Bryan Mann and Peter Lack rounding out the top five. Darren Jensen had an absolutely sensational drive in the Q75 racer to finish a very impressive sixth after transferring from the B-Main, with Matt Dumesny home in seventh. Jayden Peacock finished eighth, an incredible achievement after crashing in his first heat, with Cody Maroske and Kevin Titman rounding out the top ten. Callum Walker, Garry Jacobson and Brodie Tulloch rounded out the finishers, while Andrew Scheuerle, Dan Murray, Mick Sauer, Brent Kratzmann, Mick Saller, Daniel Sayre and Luke Oldfield all failed to finish the event.

There is no time to rest for these stars and their dedicated crews, families, friends and sponsors, with night two set to fire up at Archerfield Speedway in Brisbane tonight. Proceedings are set to get underway in just a few hours so tell your friends, your families, your neighbours and strangers you pass by and get yourself out to AusDeck Patios and Roofing Archerfield Speedway tonight for another unbelievable night of Sprintcar Racing! Can Lachlan McHugh go two in a row? Will Robbie Farr climb higher up the podium? Will Luke Oldfield have a change of luck? Can Andrew Scheuerle, Bryan Mann, Peter Lack, Darren Jensen or anyone else secure a win for themselves. In a field of nearly forty-cars there would have to be at least two-dozen drivers more than capable of taking the win so you can be sure it will be an unforgettable night of Sprintcar racing not to be missed. See you trackside!


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