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  • Sunday   April 16, 2017 Kicking Up The Dirt – Clayperview Easter Triple Challenge Night 2

    Thirty-four Sprintcars turned up at AusDeck Patios and Roofing Archerfield Speedway last night for Night Two of the Clayperview.com Easter Triple Challenge Easter Trail and Round Twelve of the East Coast Logistics Track Championship. Nothing compares to a thrilling night of Sprintcar racing and the field certainly did not disappoint last night, putting on an absolutely breath-taking show, mesmerising the crowd and taking the points chase to a whole new level. Luke Oldfield led the early stages of the forty-lap main event, with Farr taking control in lapped traffic just past the half way mark in the race. Oldfield however refused to surrender without a fight and, with a little over half a dozen laps to run, raced back into the lead in lapped traffic. Luke Oldfield went on to take the win ahead of Robbie Farr, with Peter Lack a very solid third. Brent Kratzmann, who was initially relegated to the rear of the field after becoming involved in a first lap incident that eliminated both Andrew Scheuerle and Kevin Titman, had a scintillating run, climbing through the field to make his way back to fourth and began closing in on Lack to challenge for a podium. Kratzmann crossed the line in a very impressive fourth, with Brock Dean, who spent most of the race inside the top five, crossing the line in fifth.
  • Saturday   April 15, 2017 Kicking Up The Dirt - Clayperview Easter Triple Challenge Night 1

    A massive field of forty cars turned up to Hi-Tec Oils Toowoomba Speedway last night for the first night of competition in the 2017 Clayperview.com Easter Triple Challenge Easter Trail and USC Queensland Grand Final. It was a magnificent day for Sprintcar racing and there is no better way to start the Easter weekend. Robbie Farr and Lachlan McHugh were stand-out performers all night and it was little surprise that the main event came down to battle between youth and experience. The pair shared the front row for the start of the main event until Farr was relegated to the second row, officials deeming him to have jumped the first start. Never one to let a small set back stand in the way of success Farr made his way into the lead almost as soon as the lights went green and led comfortably for the first twenty laps before McHugh began challenging for the lead. McHugh took control with about eighteen laps left to run and soon opened a small but reasonably comfortable margin over Farr and the rest of the field. Lachlan McHugh went on to take the win with Robbie Farr home in second and Danny Reidy rounding out the podium after a very impressive drive in the Q19 racer. Bryan Mann and Peter Lack rounded out the top five, while Darren Jensen, who transferred out of the B-Main event, had a truly sensational drive to finish an impressive sixth.
  • Sunday   March 26, 2017 Kicking Up The Dirt - USC Chase and Round 7 of the Queensland USC

    With the sun shining high over the venue yesterday twenty-seven sprintcars signed in to Hi-Tec Oils Speedway in Toowoomba for the Ultimate Sprintcar Chase and the second last round of the Queensland Ultimate Sprintcar Championship. Luke Oldfield led the USC Points battle heading into the competition and was widely considered the man to beat, but a less than ideal qualifying run saw him languishing deep in the field. A mid-field incident at the start of the A-Main event saw Oldfield, Allan Woods and Andrew Scheuerle all upside down before a lap was completed, with a number of other cars involved. An open red stoppage allowed crews to work feverishly to repair their cars before the race resumed, with Scheuerle and Simon Jupe the only two who failed to make the restart. On the restart Oldfield made his way as high as seventh in only eight laps, before a mechanical issue in the front end slowed his progress. Robbie Farr and Sam Walsh had a truly scintillating battle for control of the race, with Farr initially leading the event before Walsh secured the advantage in lapped traffic. Walsh led for ten laps before Farr regained the lead with six laps to run. Robbie Farr went on to take a hard fought win ahead of Sam Walsh, while Lachlan McHugh crossed the line in third after challenging Farr and Walsh for position late in the race. Bryan Mann, who had a thrilling battle with McHugh earlier in the race, and Danny Reidy rounded out the top five.
  • Sunday   March 12, 2017 Kicking Up The Dirt - ECL Track Championship - Round Eleven

    Andrew Scheuerle had not won a Sprintcar main event in South-East Queensland since the beginning of October, and while there have been a number of occasions in recent weeks where he came close, last night he finally managed to secure his second win of the season in a thrilling battle that captivated the crowd. Thirty Sprintcars turned up at Archerfield Speedway last night and what a show they put on! The entire night of racing action was a scintillating affair, with each driver and team certainly bringing their A-game. Every time Sprintcars hit the track the racing was sensational and quite clearly demonstrates some of the remarkable talent we have in the South-East corner of the state. Peter Lack led the start of the main event, but soon became involved in a truly epic battle with Scheuerle, Bryan Mann and Luke Oldfield as they fought for control of the race. Mann and Oldfield argued over third and fourth while Scheuerle was absolutely relentless as he searched for a way past Lack, eventually getting the job down as they raced down the main straight a few laps into the race. Lack faded as the race wore on, pulling out of the event just past the halfway mark. Oldfield challenged Scheuerle for most of the race, neither driver holding anything back as the raced ever-closer the chequered flag. Andrew Scheuerle took the win ahead of Luke Oldfield with Lachlan McHugh stealing third from Bryan Mann in the closing stages of the race. Mann finished fourth while Mitchell Gee crossed the line in fifth.
  • Sunday   March 5, 2017 Kicking Up The Dirt - ECL Track Championship - Round Ten

    Despite the threat of inclement weather, a high-quality field of thirty-seven Sprintcars rolled into AusDeck Patios and Roofing Archerfield Speedway last night, Saturday 04 March 2017, ready to put on a spectacular show. While the track started off a little too wet and made early track conditions somewhat greasy, it soon turned into an extremely racy track, with multiple racing lines that the drivers took full advantage of as they put on a spectacular show. In the end though, with the first of two scheduled twenty-lap A-Main events heading trackside and getting ready to line up, Mother Nature intervened and we were forced to abandon the race meeting. Luke Oldfield and Peter Lack had been the star performers of the night and were set to share the front row for the start of the race, with Bryan Mann, Ben Hilder, Andrew Scheuerle and Cody Maroske completing the first three rows on the starting grid.
  • Sunday   February 19, 2017 Kicking Up The Dirt - ECL Track Championship - Round Nine

    Thirty-five Sprintcars checked into AusDeck Patios Archerfield Speedway last night for Round Nine of the East Coast Logistics Sprintcar Track Championship and what a night it was! Andrew Scheuerle led the early part of the main event with style and opened a comfortable margin over Luke Oldfield in second, only for Oldfield to close in and begin challenging for the lead once they entered lapped traffic. Oldfield was in breath-taking form and a restart with seven laps left to run gave the pair some clear track, with Oldfield diving to the bottom half a lap into the restart and racing his way into the lead with just over six laps left to run. Scheuerle of course immediately fought back on the topside before having a look on the bottom as they came out of turn two, but Oldfield refused to surrender the lead. Luke Oldfield went on to take the win, his seventh for the season so far, with Andrew Scheuerle home in second. Peter Lack had an impressive run and after getting past Dave Whell in the first few laps of the race Lack settled into a very comfortable third, staying close to the leaders while opening a very comfortable margin on his rivals. Lack crossed the line in third to fill the final podium position, while Mitchell Gee came from thirteenth on the starting grid and managed to climb his way into fourth and even started looking for a way past Lack in the final few laps of the race. Gee finished fourth with Ben Hilder rounding out the top five after another solid drive in the Motorguard Motorsport Q95 racer.
  • Sunday   February 5, 2017 Kicking Up The Dirt - Kratzmann Caravans Firecracker 50

    Thirty-four cars checked into Hi-Tec Oils Toowoomba Speedway last night for the Kratzmann Caravans Firecracker 50 and the first Sprintcar race in South East Queensland for nearly a month. While some our drivers have spent the past few weeks doing us proud and representing Queensland in the big races further south, most in the club have had a number of weeks off racing and were ready to put on a spectacular show for the large Toowoomba crowd. Difficult track conditions made for a tough night of racing, with the second round of heats abandoned and the 50-lap A-Main a test of skill, endurance, fuel conservation and tyre wear, but in the end it was the ever popular Dave Whell who took the win, his first feature event win in Sprintcars. Mick Sauer, back in the Sprintcar after some time on the sidelines, made a triumphant return when he crossed the line in second ahead of Robbie Farr in third. Farr had suffered engine issues in the Q7 racer and failed to complete his one and only heat, forcing him to contest the B-Main event to earn his spot in the main race. Luke Oldfield finished the feature in fourth, having led the early stages of the race before dropping to second and then electing to change his rear tyres in the open red stoppage eighteen laps from home. The fresh rubber enabled Oldfield to climb as high as fourth before the race concluded, with the Q17 racer even challenging Farr for third. Andrew Scheuerle put in yet another solid performance to cross the line in a very respectable fifth.
  • Sunday   January 8, 2017 Kicking Up The Dirt - Sprintcar Australian Open - Night Two

    Kerry Madsen secured his second consecutive Sprintcar Australian Open at AusDeck Patios Archerfield Speedway last night in front of a massive crowd and in a field that included some of the best and toughest competition in the world. Madsen started the main event from pole position, with James McFadden alongside, but quickly took control of the 50-lap affair when the lights went green. Madsen led for the first eighteen laps before Donny Schatz made his way into the race lead. Schatz led for sixteen laps before Madsen got back past in lapped traffic and would go on to the take win while Donny Schatz, who had dropped back to third behind James McFadden with less than ten laps left to run, made a spectacular move on the outside of McFadden in the final corner to steal second and leave James McFadden in third. Carson Macedo made his way past both Luke Oldfield and Lachlan McHugh in the first five laps of the race, settling into fourth where he would remain for the rest of the race. McHugh followed Macedo for over 45-laps and crossed the line in fifth to be the first Queenslander home.
  • Saturday   January 7, 2017 Kicking Up The Dirt - Sprintcar Australian Open - Night One

    Thirty-five cars rolled into AusDeck Patios Archerfield Speedway last night for the first night of competition in the 2017 Sprintcar Australian Open. The contrast between the carnage and problems of Wednesday night and the almost incident-free run program of last night could not have been starker. With everyone conscious of the need to return tonight for the big race, and perhaps starting to run down a little on spares, most managed to get through the night relatively unscathed. Defending Australian Open Champion Kerry Madsen started the night with Quick Time in qualifying and remained strong all night, but it was Lachlan McHugh and Carson Macedo who stole the show in the Preliminary A-Main. Macedo led the first half lap of the race before McHugh raced through spectacularly on the bottom to steal the lead, opening a small margin. Macedo was relentless and closed the gap significantly when they hit lapped traffic, but McHugh remained smooth, consistent and fast as he weaved his way through the back markers, Macedo right on his tail. A yellow light stoppage with nine laps left to run gave them clean air for a couple of laps, but the battle between them only intensified. McHugh tried the bottom briefly, with Macedo going around the top to briefly get his nose in front, with McHugh promptly returning to the high side, only for Macedo to have a massive look on the bottom. Macedo hit a rut in turn two and lost a few car lengths on McHugh but began to close in once more as McHugh again started traversing lapped traffic. It was an absolutely epic battle that sets both drivers up beautifully for the finale tonight, with Lachlan McHugh taking the win ahead of Carson Macedo and current Australian Champion, and defending Australian Open Champion, Kerry Madsen. James McFadden and Donny Schatz rounded out the top five, with Darren Jensen the next best local in seventh behind Jamie Veal.
  • Thursday   January 5, 2017 Kicking Up The Dirt - World Series Sprintcars - Round Eleven

    David Murcott took the win in an action-packed night of Sprintcar Racing at AusDeck Patios Archerfield Speedway last night for Round 11 of World Series Sprintcars. With thirty-two cars in the pits it was set to be a thrilling night of racing action that was full of carnage, disappointment and misfortune for many, but David Murcott remained focused and in control, dominating the 30-lap main event to take the win ahead of Jamie Veal and Donny Schatz. South East Queensland regulars Andrew Scheuerle and Luke Oldfield rounded out the top five, but not without controversy. Oldfield endured another wild flip during the heat events, the team cutting and welding the front end of the chassis back together just in time for the A-Main, but upset a few drivers during the course of the feature. Andrew Scheuerle was not immune to the controversy, and got many people talking after contact with James McFadden two thirds of the way through race. The incident saw McFadden make heavy contact with the turn four wall and brought about a premature end to his race. While McFadden walked away from the wreck he was none to happy with Scheuerle.
  • Monday   January 2, 2017 Kicking Up The Dirt - ECL Track Championship - Round Eight

    There is no better way to see in the New Year than a breath-taking night of Sprintcar racing action. The show the boys put on at AusDeck Patios Archerfield Speedway last night epitomises what remarkable talent we have here in South East Queensland, with some brilliant racing and a final four laps that truly captivated the crowd. Allan Woods led the first ten or so laps of the feature, under enormous pressure from Lachlan McHugh, with McHugh then taking control of the race for several laps before Andrew Scheuerle raced his way into the lead. Scheuerle did a superb job out in front, leading the vast majority of the race with a comfortable lead, but a series of yellow light caution periods in the last seven laps of the race bunched the field up behind him. Scheuerle led each restart but with two and half laps to run Luke Oldfield raced spectacularly around the outside as they headed down the back straight, stealing control of the race, while Donny Schatz, who had come from position nine on the grid, raced under McHugh to move into third. Schatz took to the high line as he challenged both Scheuerle and Oldfield for the lead, making his way past Scheuerle with just one lap left to run. Luke Oldfield took the win, a magnificent effort after rolling the car and damaging the front end of the chassis during the first round of heats. Donny Schatz crossed the line in second while Andrew Scheuerle was forced to settle for third. Lachlan McHugh and Bryan Mann completed the top five.
  • Saturday   December 31, 2016 Kicking Up The Dirt - ECL Track Championship - Round Seven

    The last race meeting for 2016 sure was a big one at AusDeck Patios Archerfield Speedway last night. Thirty-two cars turned up to put on a show and they didn't disappoint. There were plenty of thrills and spills, with plenty of drivers getting up-side-down, but it was Donny Schatz who stole the show, inverting the top thirteen starters for the A-Main event and then taking the lead in the main race after just sixteen laps. Hard-charging locals Luke Oldfield and Peter Lack joined Schatz on the podium, while Logan Schuchart and David Murcott rounded out the top five.
  • Tuesday   December 27, 2016 Kicking Up The Dirt - ECL Track Championship Round Six

    Last night 33 Sprintcars rolled into AusDeck Patios Archerfield Speedway for Round Six of the East Coast Logistics Sprintcar Track Championship, and night one of USA Sprintcars, with Americans Donny Schatz and Logan Schuchart both having their Australian season debut. It was a very different night of Sprintcar racing, with early track conditions having a massive effect on qualifying, leaving many of the usually front runners struggling for points and forced to come through the B-Main event. After transferring from the B-Main event Schatz was systematically working his way through the A-Main field when contact with Bryan Mann just five laps into the race saw both drivers flip out of the event. Neither Mann nor Schatz were hurt in the incident but both teams will have a big couple of days ahead to get ready for the next race meeting on Friday night. Logan Schuchart impressed all night and initially led the feature event, withstanding a bold challenge for the lead by Paul Rooks, but pulled out of the event after just eleven laps, a mechanical issue on board the Motorguard Motorsport USA1 racer prematurely ending his night. Mitchell Gee inherited the race lead and while David Murcott closed in as the laps wore away, Gee managed to defend his position from Murcott, who had one last challenge for the lead with less than a lap left to run. Mitchell Gee took his maiden win in Sprintcars, in front of a large and enthusiastic crowd, with David Murcott across the line in second. Andrew Scheuerle survived the action-packed A-Main, after initially starting from position seven in the B-Main, and managed to climb his way into a very impressive third, with Peter Lack and Lachlan McHugh rounding out the top five.
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