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  • Sunday   April 6, 2014 Kicking Up The Dirt - KRE Sprintcar Series Round 13

    It may not have been a full moon at SuperCheap Auto Archerfield Speedway for Round 13 of the KRE Sprintcar Series last night, but there was plenty of crazy, frantic and breath-taking racing action to keep the large crowd entertained. Twenty-nine cars turned up for the show with the Brisbane regular stars joined by Victorian Jamie Veal, North-Queensland based racer Brent Aprile, former Australian Champion James McFadden and Current Australian Champion David Murcott. Murcott and Aprile were two of the strongest performers of the night, leading from the first fall of the green flag in qualifying to sharing the front row for the start of the A-Main. Aprile was leading the main event, with Murcott not holding anything back as he searched for a way past. Disaster struck though when, with only 12 laps to run, both leaders were caught up in the chaos when a lapped car rolled, with neither able to restart the event. Jamie Veal inherited the race lead and led comfortably while James McFadden started his charge towards the front, only to spin in turn four with ten laps to run. Jamie Veal took a hard fought and well deserved win, with Luke Oldfield and Bryan Mann, both of whom had had exceptional runs in the A-Main event, in second and third respectively, while Andrew Scheuerle and Peter Lack completed the top five.
  • Sunday   March 30, 2014 Kicking Up The Dirt - KRE Sprintcar Series - Round 12

    Last night at Supercheap Auto Archerfield Speedway, Round 12 of the KRE Sprintcar Series hit a rather wet, rough and hooky track, with 20 cars set to do battle. It may have been the smallest field of Sprintcars seen at the Brisbane venue for a number of years, but it was strong star-studded field and the competition all night was some of the fiercest of the season. Bryan Mann started the night with a strong, fast car, and set quickest time in qualifying, while Andrew Scheuerle had a couple of solid heat runs and led the points chase entering the Dash. The pre-Dash draw saw Scheuerle invert the top six qualifiers for the event and from the rear of the six-car dash field, Scheuerle found it difficult to move forward. Ben Hilder and Mark Pholi shared the front row for the start of the Dash and while Hilder completely dominated the Dash, it was Pholi who took charge in the A-Main. Pholi had a truly magnificent run in the Darra Mechanical #14 racer and lead the opening laps of the A-Main event. Victorian Jamie Veal stole the lead and looked to have the race well under control until lapped traffic came into play and a moments hesitation from Veal was all the invitation Pholi needed to slip straight back into the race lead. Mark Pholi, who has previously only won a Winter Series round, went on to take his first open competition win, with Jamie Veal and Luke Oldfield rounding out the podium. Andrew Scheuerle and Bryan Mann completed the top five.
  • Sunday   March 16, 2014 Kicking Up The Dirt - KRE Sprintcar Series Round 11

    Round 11 of the KRE Sprintcar Series put on a spectacular for race fans at SuperCheap Auto Archerfield Speedway last night with a strong field of 26 Sprintcars hitting the track. When Danny Reidy drew the double points marble at drivers briefing an additional element was added to the nights competition, and with double points on the line, and the championship drawing closer to the end, there was going to be no holding back. While the early part of the night saw several drivers qualifying further back in the field than they usually do, and Danny Reidy, Darren Jensen and Robbie Farr each with their own separate problems in the opening round of heats, it was a fierce feature race battle. Jamie Bricknell, having his second drive in the Titan Garages #36 racer, lead the first half of the feature event, before Brisbane local Kevin Titman took over at half race distance and looked almost certain to take his maiden feature race win. Unfortunately for Titman a spin in turn four in the closing stages of the race handed the lead to Scheuerle and while Luke Oldfield had a brilliant run and pushed Scheuerle all the way to the line, it would seem there is no stopping Andrew Scheuerle at the moment. Scheuerle took the win, bagging some very valuable points in the process with Luke Oldfield, who is one of Scheuerle's nearest competition in the points battle, across the line in second, with Jamie Bricknell rounding out the podium. Robbie Farr and Paul Rooks completed the top five.
  • Friday   March 14, 2014 MARYBOROUGH - DASH FOR CASH

    Sprintcars Queensland travelled to Maryborough Speedway last Saturday night to put on our annual Dash-for-Cash, and while the car count was a bit down the feature race gave race fans some thrilling action.
  • Sunday   March 2, 2014 Kicking Up The Dirt - KRE Sprintcar Series Round 10

    If you were not at SuperCheap Auto Archerfield Speedway last night you missed one of the best nights of racing seen in South East Queensland for a number of years. It was Round 10 of the KRE Sprintcar Series and we had current Australian Champion David Murcott, former Australian Champion James McFadden, and American young gun Cap Henry join Sprintcars Queensland front-runners Andrew Scheuerle, Danny Reidy, Luke Oldfield, Bryan Mann, Kevin Titman, Darren Jensen and a strong field of local competitors. Murcott and McFadden led the leader board for most of the night but it was Danny Reidy who took the win in a hard-fought Dash event. Only a very brave man accepts the Kratzmanns Challenge and inverts the top fourteen starters for the A-Main event, knowing the calibre of drivers who would then be starting in front of him. But Danny Reidy is a brave man and in a bold move accepted the Kratzmann Challenge, after negotiating an additional $3000 bonus prize money, making it $5500 on offer, from Archerfield Promoter John Kelly. Reidy added five laps to the duration of the race, with he and James McFadden to start from the seventh row. It took only five laps for Reidy to move into third, another ten laps and he was up to second, while McFadden gradually made his way to the front. It came down to the last few laps of the race, but in the end it was James McFadden who took the win, with Danny Reidy a very impressive second and Darren Jensen, who had led for much of the race, in third. David Murcott and Andrew Scheuerle rounded out the top five.
  • Saturday   February 15, 2014 Kicking Up The Dirt - KRE Sprintcar Series Round 9

    After a few weeks off Sprintcar racing in South East Queensland, in which several of the Sprintcars Queensland teams headed south to contest events like the Australian Sprintcar Title and the Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic, it was back to SuperCheap Auto Archerfield Speedway last night for round nine of the KRE Sprintcar Series. Twenty-four cars turned up to compete in the event, with the night to culminate in a twin 20-lap features and an overall round winner to be crowned after points from both features were amalgamated. Andrew Scheuerle went into last nights competition comfortably leading the points battle while his nearest rival, David Muir, was absent from last nights racing. Luke Oldfield, Kevin Titman, Darren Jensen and Danny Reidy were next in line and keen to try to close the gap to Scheuerle. While Reidy and Oldfield were able to secure a win each in the feature events, Scheuerle finished third in the first A-Main and second in the final feature event. Once again Scheuerle's consistency paid dividends and once the points were tallied, this consistency was enough to secure the overall win for the round, Kevin Titman and Danny Reidy rounding out the final podium. Luke Oldfield and Peter Lack completed the top five.
  • Sunday   January 12, 2014 Kicking Up The Dirt - Australian Sprintcar Open Finale

    Last night at SuperCheap Auto Archerfield Speedway Donny Schatz put on a mesmerising show for the large crowd in attendance, proving again just why he is regarded as the best in the world. In his hardest fought win of this Australian visit, Schatz worked hard throughout the 50-lap A-Main event, stealing the lead from David Murcott just before the half way mark. A few laps later Murcott stole the lead back as they navigated lapped traffic down the main straight. Schatz was able to regain the lead but spent the last part of the race with a very hard charging Steven Lines challenging him for the position. Both Murcott and Lines, two of Australia's best, ran a magnificent race, with Lines officially second behind Schatz at the final fall of the chequered flag. American Brad Sweet crossed the line a very impressive third in only his second night on the SuperCheap Auto Archerfield Speedway track, with James McFadden and Brooke Tatnell completing the top five. Andrew Scheuerle was best of the Brisbane regulars, crossing the line in twelfth and leading locals David Muir, Luke Oldfield and Bryan Mann across the line.
  • Saturday   January 11, 2014 Kicking Up The Dirt - Australian Sprintcar Open and WSS

    Last night thirty-six Sprintcars rolled into SuperCheap Auto Archerfield Speedway ready for the first night of competition in a big weekend of racing. World Series Sprintcars Round Seven and the Australian Sprintcar Open is a monster two night racing event, culminating in a massive 50-lap A-Main event tonight, paying $20,000 to win. Last nights program saw the all-important qualifying session, two rounds of heats and a preliminary feature event, but there was no denying that Donny Schatz was going to be the man to beat once again. Schatz again dominated last night, wowing the crowd with his faultless and seemingly effortless racing style to top the qualifying order, lead the points ladder heading into the preliminary feature event and then taking the win in the Preliminary A-Main. James McFadden and a very impressive Daniel Pestka joined him on the podium. The preliminary feature was an exciting 20-lap affair, and it was David Murcott who crossed the line in fourth while Brisbane local David Muir impressed with a strong fifth place finish.
  • Sunday   January 5, 2014 Kicking Up The Dirt - With World Series Sprintcars Round 6

    Last night 31 Sprintcars rolled into SuperCheap Auto Archerfield Speedway where some of Queensland's finest would take on a group of Australia's best and some talent from America. Donny Schatz wowed fans and racers alike as he dominated proceedings most of the night, while Bryan Mann, Andrew Scheuerle, Luke Oldfield, Peter Lack, David Muir, Danny Reidy and Terry Bracken were standout local performers, each qualifying for the 20-car strong A-Main event. Donny Schatz won the event, with Luke Dillion and James McFadden joining him on the podium. Of the locally-based regular Sprintcars Queensland competitors Andrew Scheuerle had an amazing run to finish a very impressive fourth, with Bryan Mann across the line in fifth after a very solid night.
  • Thursday   January 2, 2014 Kicking Up The Dirt - KRE Sprintcar Series Round 8

    The third night of International Sprintcars and the eighth round of the KRE Sprintcar Series unfolded last night at SuperCheap Auto Archerfield Speedway with twenty-seven cars ready to put on a memorable show to celebrate the start of 2014. Americans Donny Schatz and Jason Sides joined a strong field of locals with them both once again dominating for most of the night. Sides won the Dash event and this time agreed to accept the Kratzmann Challenge once the bonus prize money was again raised to $4000. Unfortunately for both Sides and Schatz, who would now start the A-Main event from the seventh row with the entire top fourteen starters inverted, things didn’t go quite as planned. Schatz ended up out of the race after being caught up in an incident on the second lap of the race, while Sides, also making contact in the incident, was left with a broken right rear shock for the rest of the race. Sides didn’t let that slow him down though and managed to claw his way into second, occasionally challenging for the lead. Kevin Titman and Terry Bracken both had a turn leading the race, but it was Bryan Mann who quietly made his way into the race lead, and went on to take the win. It was a very welcome change of fortunes for Mann who has endured a couple of awful nights of racing, and big days of rebuilding race cars, since Christmas. Jason Sides managed to climb his way into second and while he occasionally challenged Mann for the lead, having one last big look about three laps from home, he also found himself on the defensive. Luke Oldfield had another spectacular run in the NQ17 racer to join Mann and Sides on the podium while Andrew Scheuerle and Terry Bracken rounded out the top five.
  • Sunday   December 29, 2013 Kicking Up The Dirt - KRE Sprintcar Series Round Seven

    American star Donny Schatz once again dominated the Sprintcar racing at SuperCheap Auto Archerfield Speedway last night with a series of strong performances culminating in what was his 30th feature race victory of 2013. His fellow countryman Jason Sides seemed to struggle with the track a little at the Boxing Night show, but last night had well and truly adjusted and was determined to make amends. Sides and Schatz topped the leader board all night and while it was Schatz who held the lead for most of the 35-lap A-Main, it was hard not to watch Sides as he put on an impressive show for the race fans. Sides battled with several drivers over the course of the main event, but in the later stages of the race it was the battle with Brisbane local Luke Oldfield that commanded the attention of everyone in the venue. Oldfield had started from position three on the start and faded a little in the early laps of the race before having a breath-taking drive in the last half of the race. The crowd was right behind Oldfield as he held nothing back and he and Sides fought to the chequered flag over second place. Sides managed to hold on with Oldfield officially third. Andrew Scheuerle and Danny Reidy rounded out the top five.
  • Friday   December 27, 2013 Kicking UP The Dirt - KRE Sprintcars Round Six

    Thirty-three Sprintcars, including Americans Donny Schatz and Jason Sides, rolled into SuperCheap Auto Archerfield Speedway last night for the massive Boxing Night show. Schatz and Sides both brought their own cars over from America, ready to do battle with Brisbane’s finest. Andrew Scheuerle is dominating the local scene this season and last night was again the best-placed local right throughout the night. Jason Sides topped the qualifying order at the start of the night, but troubles in the A-Main event saw him watch the second half of the race from the infield. Terry Bracken and Andrew Scheuerle both had short runs in the race lead, but there was no stopping Donny Schatz who took the lead early in the race and never looked back. Schatz cruised to victory and casually weaved his way through lapped traffic, but the real battle was behind him for the minor places. At the fall of the chequered flag it was Andrew Scheuerle and Darren Jensen who joined Schatz on the podium, with David Muir, who had come from the rear of the field after an early race incident, and Allan Woods rounding out the top five.
  • Sunday   December 15, 2013 Kicking Up The Dirt – KRE Sprintcar Series Round 5

    Robbie Farr seems to be virtually unstoppable at the moment and last night at SuperCheap Auto Archerfield Speedway, amongst a field of very tough competitors, and despite a poor qualifying run, Farr proved what a determined and talented racer he is, taking the win after a breathtaking passing move mid-race. Danny Reidy put in a very solid performance last night and crossed the line in second after a race-long battle with Andrew Scheuerle. Ian Madsen, in his first appearance at SuperCheap Auto Archerfield Speedway this season and fresh from a stellar season in America, joined Farr and Reidy on the podium for Round Five of the KRE Race Engines Sprintcar Series. Luke Oldfield and Terry Bracken rounded out the top five.
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- KRE Race Engines SERIES
1. Andrew Scheuerle 1013
2. Luke Oldfield 869
3. Kevin Titman 720
4. Darren Jensen 705
5. Danny Reidy 601
6. Mark Pholi 551
7. David Muir 544
8. Terry Bracken 539
9. Bryan Mann 535
10. Peter Lack 389
11. Ben Hilder 387
12. Brad Ayers 387
13. Paul Morris 379
14. Steven Johnson 370
15. Robbie Farr 366
16. Paul Rooks 336
17. Melissa Boyes 331
18. Mick Sauer 328
19. David Whell 322
20. Brent Kratzmann 306
21. Anthony Lambert 293
22. Dave Murcott 261
23. Allan Woods 238
24. Dan Murray 224
25. Donny Schatz 224
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